The Hacker's Guide to Usability Testing

What's the use in writing great code if nobody uses it? In this talk at Cascadia Ruby I demonstrate a simple method for usability testing that engineers can and should use:

The Unexpected Benefit of Being a Nomadic Freelancer: Taxes

I wasn't an expat freelancer for the lifestyle, the adventure, or the romance. No sir. I was in it for the taxes. Well not really. But here's something you may not have thought about: Expat freelancers can save a ton of money on taxes.

DIY Image Resizing Server in Sinatra: Super Easy

When building out, one of the best decisions we made was using an image server for all of our resizing. It's really nice to be able to tweak your image size on the fly, rather than on upload.

Fuzzy Text Search in Postgresql

On my latest project, one of our guiding principles was to keep then number of moving parts to a minimum. (That sphinx/solr server your running is just one more server that can go down)